Monday, July 25, 2011

The Alabama Sunrise

I wrote about feeling life yesterday after church, and I mean that both literally and spiritually.

I used to find plenty of reasons not to attend church but these days I find more reasons to go. I think it's a maturity thing with me.

When the service began, God had decided one of the other preachers we have as part of the congregation would give the sermon. He spoke through tears as he had just received God's words to deliver onto us. He asked us a question during the service "Have you ever seen an Alabama sunrise?" He had spoke of strong winds that sometimes rock our vessels, and then the beauty of that rising sun. He basically told us that if God brought you to it, He'll bring you through it.

When I saw my friend go up and pray, we all followed in behind her. With her grandmother's grave condition, I thought immediately of my own Grandmother who was already in Heaven. As I knelt down, I saw her seven year old following in behind her and her husband. Her seven year old is the one kid that can bring tears to my eyes sometimes just by looking at her. There's just something about her.

She knelt beside me and placed her head all the way down on the ground. I couldn't help but place my hand on her back. At first I thought she would pop her little head up and look around as the others were deep in prayer. Her head did not come up. And I knew that He was there.

As I began to pray, I could feel her heart on my palm. The rhythmic beating seemed so deep, not the rapid pace I'd expected for a seven year old. I again drifted in thought of my own grandmother as I prayed for the child's great-grandmother. My own Maw Maw once told me that my daughter would grow up to be a beautiful young lady and although she knew she wouldn't be around to see it, she knew it was so.

Maw Maw also used to take my first born in her arms and tell me, "God's got His hands on this one." I always knew it to be true too. Somehow she knew. That's kinda how I feel about this little girl. As I removed my hand from her back, I knew that God's hands were still there...and it felt good being that close to Him.

Brook asked me on the way home "why do the preachers always cry?" I explained how it felt when God puts his hands on you, when everything you do makes sense, a reason presents itself or when God gives your words the right meaning.

It's like watching the sun rise after a storm. You realize that if He brought you to a storm, he'll get you to that sunrise if you just believe. Beauty awaits for us, even if we pass ugly storms along the way.

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  1. jeepers girl.. stop making me cry. I was in the shower the other day thinking of my favorite blogs.. yours are seriously my favorite. as you can see.. by the comments..i'm playing catch-up today.