Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Child's Prayer

I have been making an effort to pray with the children. I know many families do this without thinking but we have not. So I've made a conscious effort to pray aloud with the kids this week. We had an unfortunate incidence when our rabbit had 6 babies and three have died (so far).

A very upset seven year old came to me in tears. She asked me, while choking on salt water, if there was anything she could do to bring them back. I had to give her the sad news that although God could do anything, he's likely teaching us a valuable lesson about handling newborn animals before their mommy gets 'attached' to them.

She asked me if we could say a prayer. I began and when it was her turn she surprised me to the extent I ended up in tears.

"Dear Jesus, I know I want the rabbits back....but it seems like Heaven is just a much safer place right now. It can be dangerous down here for 'em. I love 'em and thank you, I hope they will be there when I come to Heaven."

I was shocked. I actually expected her to beg them back! My son even contributed to the prayer and I'm so glad that I was blessed with these two! And Brook closed with saying "Mama, I feel better after I prayed!"

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