Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dunk

You might think it's inappropriate for children to be throwing large softballs towards their pastor but when he's in a dunking booth, the gloves are off! And guess who got him in?

Yep, my Brook. Here she is just after she hit the target and she's looking around to see if she's in trouble. When she receives high fives she knows it was ok! She wasn't the only child who dunked him. Abby, Morgan, and I don't know who else did as well but looked like the little girls were out to GET HIM. Girls were rockin' last night.  

We had a wonderful time at VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church this week. Sister Jennifer and all the ladies did a fabulous job and my kids had a great time. In fact, when we left last night, they both asked "how long til we have Vacation Bible School again?" Thank you all for 'taking us in' !

Brook loved the songs. She stood up there and sang with all the other kids and I sort of felt bad at first, not prepping the ladies. Usually I would have taken the time to ask for written lyrics, assured them she needed to be in a 'preferred spot' to optimize her hearing the songs, etc. However, this has been a hectic week and I just had to do a little trusting. I had to trust that B could advocate for herself is she needed any 'arrangements' and I had to trust the ladies, knowing they may not even realize she's deaf and wears cochlear implants, but most of all, I simply trusted that God was gonna handle it, and wouldn't you know it, it all worked out fantastic.

Gage however, only attended one day, so during practice of the VBS finale, he stood there like a deer in headlights. I told him he could stay in his seat if he didn't know any of the words. He has less 'good' hearing that Brook does so I knew it was difficult for him, since he sometimes struggles with average I gave him an 'out' and he took it. When we got in the car, Brook was aggravating him about not going up and I assured her, he had my permission, it was ok! "He didn't know the songs, he only came one day," I told her. He responded, "I knew the songs fine! It wasn't that at all, it's just that...I'm not singing in front of ...............GIRLS!" So there you go.

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