Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Spin

My daughter and I had big plans to swim after church. She in fact wore her swim suit under her dress today and as soon as we got home, ate lunch, and applied a thick layer of sunscreen, we were out in the pool. I needed to digest the sermon on being content and as I floated on the pink plastic float, my daughter spun me slowly around. When you look up the word content you find it means "satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else".
It was tempting to just close my eyes and enjoy the peace and quiet but my eyes remained opened. I enjoy looking at things from various view points I wanted to know what my life looked like as I continued to spin in circles.

I first saw my favorite freckled nose seven year old. She smiled shyly at me as we locked eyes and she held up three fingers (the I love you sign in sign language) and I was happy and satisfied and content.

I saw my favorite tree, that once had the most beautiful stray horse underneath feeding from a salt block, the one that displays the most beautiful colors every Fall and the one that stands alone in field and has the most beautiful backdrop every morning the sun rises! I was happy and satisfied and content.

I saw my favorite shirtless 10 year old riding four wheelers with his Daddy, who had just picked the vegetables from our garden which we will have at dinner tonight. I was happy and satisfied and content.

I saw my clothes line which held our freshly washed
laundry, held by small pins to dry in the warm sun God has provided for the day. I was happy and satisfied and content.

So what am I missing here? The problem with always looking through your own eyes, is you can't always see yourself. As our preacher asked us today, do we want to sit around being spiritually content? Do we want to sit around and wait for others to do the right thing while we remain in our seats, waiting and watching. Are we going to hang back because we are content on just going to Heaven while one of our friends, one of our children, view that contentment as not wanting more? Don't we want them in Heaven too? I realized how many people are missing out because I've been sitting on being content. Not normally a selfish person, I realized I was just that. The preacher told us today, if you only have oil and meal, make someone else a cake first and your meal will never parish. You will also be fed. I've fed myself for years but haven't offered anyone cake and that is very selfish.

So I signed the kids up for Vacation Bible School and I volunteered to help. I can't wait for next Sunday's sermon. Our preacher makes me think about a lot of things. I always feel so refreshed and love his stories and perspectives. He was sent to us for a reason, and we are so grateful!

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