Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Investment

I finally found my Bible. Not the one that has been packed away for years in a cedar trunk, that reeks of storage. A new one. I've wanted one for months and have spent countless hours searching for the one online. I treated it like an investment and searched all my options until I knew exactly what I wanted. I finally decided to take a detour off the interstate yesterday and see if I could find a book store. I found a Family Christian Store instead and there it was...

I knew I wanted some pink on the outside, just because. I knew I wanted large print, just because. I knew I wanted a case, just because. I knew I wanted tabs, just because. I'm very excited about this Bible and know that I will put it to good use. I know my friends at church will be proud for me.

I am so glad I joined that church. I can picture me there on Sundays with grand babies running around the pews. It still amazes me how each individual there has such strong Faith and when you put them all under one roof during church service, it's enough to rattle the rafters...

I had planned on waiting on my husband to join with me but God decided I couldn't wait. He'll have to join in his own time if he feels moved to do but he's completely happy for me. I've made a commitment to my church. I've made an investment in Christ, and I'll be stronger for it.

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