Sunday, September 25, 2011

...and He knew it

A few months ago, I walked through the doors of my little country church assuming I'd sit on a pew, sing some songs, try to listen to as much of the sermon as possible and maybe go home with a sentence or two that could apply to me in hopes to grow as a Christian. That wasn't going to happen, and He knew it.

The church looks like many of the other country churches found nearby. They're almost a dime a dozen where I live, churches found everywhere, some right across the street from each other. But this is where I belong, and He knew it.

God has a way of showing me things. I've shared in previous posts a little about how and why I've learned not to overlook the things He sends my way. I walked into church one night, many months ago, and I saw something. It was a scar. It looked exactly like the scars my children wear on both sides of their little heads. Although, this man didn't have hearing loss, I needed to see that scar. I sat on my pew that night thinking I was in the right place. The people of this church have lived through a lot even though they all may not bare physical reminders. I didn't know at the time I was going to stay, but He knew it.

No other place can allow me to not only hear words from the Bible, but understand them too. I have a really hard time with the terminology and all of the preachers in our church do a fabulous job of not only interpreting the words for me, they tell me exactly what I need to hear in order for me to apply it to my life outside of the church doors. I in fact bring home the entire sermon isntead of the sentence or two I had expected. Today in fact, I was called out by name. I was practically beaten over the head with today's message about talents because I needed to be...and He knew it.

So with a church full of gifted people, we were encouraged to use our talents. I heard the two softest and sweetest voices today from two young ladies, I'd never heard sing before. I also heard our Pastor sing a capella and though I've been told before he could sing, his song never reached my ears until today. I began thinking, what if "they" never sang? If the lady last week, had not stepped up to that piano bench and sang (see previous post), I'd not have strolled through Heaven with my Maw Maw...even if it was only in my mind...I thought about all the times I've seen songs turn into sermons. I thought about all the times I've seen beautiful voices lift people from pews and bring them to the alter...but what if they never sang?

So we have to think about our own talents, our own gifts and use them not simply to make us happy because we have hobbies or do something well, we need to think about how we can use them for Christ. We have to realize that by wasting talents God has provided for us, we could be depriving more than just ourselves.

I have two related stories I wrote years ago. At the time I wasn't sure why God had gifted me the content but I wrote them anyway, knowing that one day, He'd show me.

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