Monday, September 26, 2011

How can you sleep...

You know as a parent, I've made sure my kids have the basics if nothing else. A week or two ago, our preacher went over feeding, clothing, and sheltering our children and I began to realize that maybe I've not given them what they really need. Last night at the service, it hit me really hard when it was confirmed that I had not.

As a precious mother of four called out to the church how two had been Saved and two had not, she shouted through tears with sincerity, "I'd do it for the other two if I could, but I can't!" Her husband had given a powerful message just minutes before and we sang verse after verse, providing as many opportunities as possible to ensure we've done our part as a church to give the unsaved a chance to enter Heaven one day.

On the way home, I talked to my child just as I had last Sunday to her older brother. I assured her, that His hand is outstretched, and when she is ready...all she needs to do is take it. They each listened to me. Some of my most heartfelt conversations take place in the car when the distractions are minimal and I have their attention. There was a time when I had to pull over, face the back seat so they could see me speak because their ears were of little use. So I'm thankful that each Sunday, as we leave a service, I can talk to my children and make sure they understood what had taken place.

I have to question my own parenting skills and wonder how do you sleep at night if you haven't mentioned Christ today? I used to pride myself on not being selfish. I've sacrificed as a parent as most of us do, I do for others as much as I can...but I've went to bed each night knowing I'll go to Heaven if I never wake up. God gave me two children and I haven't given them what they really need. As a parent I have neglected my children in such a way that the common eye can't see. With clothes upon their backs, food in their stomachs and a roof over their heads, I have neglected their greatest need. As Brother Adam said Sunday morning as he gave his Testimony, we'll have to answer for that one day.

Our preacher was mentioning something he'd heard on the radio and quoted "Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future." Parents have huge burdens that go beyond putting food on the table. It may take sleepless nights, and it may even take every person inside those church doors, but as Christians, we have burdens.

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