Thursday, September 8, 2011

Planting Pennies

A child asked her mom to plant a penny, to see if they could grow money. As cute as it sounded, the mother had to tell the child, that you can't grow pennies...or can you?

One day, a couple of years ago, my phone rang. I'd been mentoring families for years who have special needs children, in particular, those who have children with hearing loss. When I found a nervous Mom on the other end of the line, I listened. To my surprise, this was someone in our school district for a change. She had a child starting school the same time my deaf daughter would begin, but she was relieved to know I had another deaf child who would be in third grade. Having a parent who has been there done that can really ease a worried mind. We talked for probably over an hour if I had to guess and she closed the conversation with sincere gratitude, appreciation and a remark I'll never forget..."I think God has sent you to us for a reason." With that subtle comment, I knew who Penny was. And with that subtle comment, she planted a penny...

As it turns out, our girls are now the best of friends and compliment each other like no two children I've ever met. Both of Penny's children live in a much darker world than we do. Their visual impairments may not allow them to look at people in the eyes...instead, they look at people in the heart. My children may not hear each and every word to the hymns we sing, but instead they feel the songs through the stomping feet and the hands tapping the pews. Her children can hear what mine can't and my children can see things her children never will. But all four of those babies can feel more than the common man.

I may have helped Penny in the beginning but what she doesn't realize, is how much she's been helping me. The penny she planted years ago, has grown and matured with her help and is worth more now than any amount of money. She's one of the reasons I found my church. She's one of the reasons I believe in planting Pennys because one day, I want to be like her.

One of our sermons this week was being a play maker. Penny made a huge play last week at school. She walked up to the Principal she once feared and asked if she could start a parent prayer group at school. I had my doubts with it being on school property but to my surprise, she got it approved. The soft hearted Mom of two is absolutely fearless when she is working for God. I'm proud of her and I hope that one day, I plant more Pennys. We could use more soldiers like her.

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