Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pantry

With the cabinet doors open, we both stood glaring and bags and boxes of almost any type snack you could possibly ask for. She found what she was looking for, but I did not. She stood there in her new dress offering me various crackers, chips, cookies, grits and oatmeal, but nothing looked good to me. I closed the pantry and said, "I'll wait until after church. Maybe I'll know what I want by then."

Minutes later, we arrived at the little country church, I looked forward to seeing all day. There's a long stretch from Sunday until
Wednesday for me these days. Not that I do anything really bad, it's just that when I walk through the church doors, I arrive with only one thing on my mind. There's no distractions that can get in my way here. I'll leave knowing more, I'll leave seeing better, and I'll leave feeling Christ.

In a cappella, one lady sang with such a pureness in her voice, I knew she meant every word that seeped over her lips.
"Lord in heaven above why did you pick me to love
Why You love me I just can't understand.
There are others more worthy of Jesus than me,
Yet You love me as small as I am"

Another lady soon walked to the front. I'd never heard her say much, and she admitted that as she opened her Devotion. She became filled with His Spirit and she was beautiful. Tears poured from our eyes as her emotion filled the church. The preacher soon spoke, and wouldn't you know it...he spoke to me, as always. He spoke of hungry people and how we need to fill ourselves so full of The Spirit, people know we're full. He said, "If you've ever went to school with someone who was so poor, that at lunch they didn't have anything to eat...and the first thing you want to do is share...we need to be so full, that we're willing to share."

I sat listening to everyone stand up and share, and I'm still so hungry I ate everything on my plate. I know one day, I'll be so full I'll be able to share too. I'm the poor kid and I'm so glad I've surrounded myself with full people. Most of these people have went to this church for years, many grew up here and know only this church. I've never seen anything like it.

I prayed this morning that I wouldn't overlook anything God wanted me to see today. I asked him help me see EVERYTHING He wants to show me, and overlook nothing. I didn't want to waste I'm thrilled I cleaned my plate today with not a crumb dropped to my knowledge.

I walked outside those church doors and in the dark I saw a child. Though legally blind, she was looking up at the top of the church. I knelt beside her. "Whatcha lookin' at?" She didn't change her gaze but spoke, "I'm lookin' at the light." And I looked up and saw the church's steeple brightly lit with little cross on top. I asked her if she could see the cross and she slowly moved her eyes around until she smiled and said, "uh-huh."

Some people only need a little light to see. I'm thankful, my church shines for me too and that my friends, was enough for one day. But He gave me one more bite.

When we got home, I asked my daughter, "How do you think our preacher knew we were hungry?" She knew exactly what I was talking about and she thought for a minute and she said, "Jesus tells him." And you see why I can't wait til Sunday?

I'm just stocking the pantry!

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