Monday, October 24, 2011

That Baby Sang

It was her idea to sit on a different pew. My daughter and I waltzed in and parked ourselves opposite of where we normally can be found. I had thought the other day that when our preacher was down about a "routine" service that we should all do what an English teacher in high school used to make us do, to keep us fresh...change seats. So when my child suggested that we change pews, I knew it could never hurt getting a different view. From behind us the preacher's wife said that we should all change seats sometimes, and I politely agreed that a different perspective can be good sometimes.

I thought we had all about cried ourselves out this morning. The singing sounded so good. Soon the children went up and sang a few songs and hands were clapping. As usual, more tears where shed at The Altar, and the message was really good. Then, someone asked her to sing. My heart grew extremely heavy as a worried mother walked up to the front with her smallest grandchild. The little girl was so small I couldn't even see her face, just the hair bow her Maw Maw had placed so lovingly in her hair. With part of her daughter standing next to her, they began to sing. Without flaw, that baby sang.

If you looked close enough, you could see the grandmother press harder on each piano key as she fought through the worry that was trying to hold her down. Her daughter was missed by us all today as she continues to recover in a hospital bed. The love for this member could be felt as an Altar Call was requested in her name. We all prayed for her healing, her strength, and her return soon.

I'm so glad that baby sang. Through puffy eyes, we all watched as she didn't miss a beat...
"...and The God Of The Good Times, Is Still God Of The Bad Times"

By the time church was over, I was dehydrated. My head hurt from shedding so many tears in one day and my throat was dry but I went home only thirsty for water last night, and nothing more. As our preacher has told us, if you're hungry He'll feed you and if you're thirsty, He'll fill your cup.

All night long, I had peaceful dreams. I have no idea of the content of them, but I woke several times. I was keenly aware of my senses. It was almost as if everything in my dreams was magnified and clear. The lights were brighter, the sounds were so crisp. I felt fully aware and alert of everything but couldn't remember a thing. 

On the way to school this morning, my son had questions. He said he would be too embarrassed to go up to The Altar. After we talked off and on all morning about the important things in life, he wanted one last chance to get clarity, "So even if you're nice, your whole life, you won't go to Heaven unless you're Saved?"

As a parent, I'd love to pick my children up and carry them with me when I go to Heaven, but I can't. This is something my little family is working hard on, and I'm so thankful I have friends and a church to support us!

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  1. that's a hard one. will pray for your friend...for health and healing. and i just love this new blog of yours. I am working on a new one in my head for my attached to the vine. I should start just working away at it...