Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two by Two

I have to admit, I was really afraid I'd miss a really good service today. I had errands beforehand and I knew Sunday School was out of the question...again. I had a strange feeling this would be one of those days that He would come before I could get there, and they would begin Worship service instead of splitting for Sunday School.

I cried secretly off and on all morning because I knew whenever I did finally arrive, most of the back pew would be empty...and it was. One of our young moms is recovering from a major operation and I dreaded looking back and seeing her not there. Even though she's doing fine, it's just sad to know that she'd give anything to be there, yet she's unable.

When we arrived this morning, we all gave our usual pre-service greetings, and the songs began. It only took one member, to request a song before The Lord visited our church. There wasn't a dry eye to be found as song after song, the voices got stronger and voices got louder. Two by two, knees were bending at The Altar. His presence was felt by many and soon, tissues were useless. Grown men gave in to His call without an ounce of shame. Ladies and children were moved down the aisle and His presence was quite clear. Every tear could be heard this day, and it was glorious.

I am so glad, I finally have a place where people listen to The Lord. I know it's not polite in some churches to tell the preacher "I don't care if you get a chance to preach today or not, I'm glad the Lord led me..." but one our members did just that as he received His word, and acted upon it. We didn't even need our Bibles today. I am Blessed beyond. 

And if that wasn't enough, one the youngest girls we have, walked to the front and sang Jesus Loves Me...and that's all I needed.

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