Sunday, November 20, 2011

He Knows

I sat today on our same pew, but I took my husband's seat since he was not present. I knew I'd see something different just by a change in seating, and I  prepared myself. The hair stood up on my arms as everyone began finding their own seat. I knew The Spirit was about to make His presence known, and we had sang not even verse yet.

Different people began standing and announcing some of the wonderful things they have to be thankful for and I listened. Person after person made their way to The Altar and bended their knees. I ended up there three times myself in this one service, and I needed to be no where else. It felt good being there, to be praying, which I had not done at all today before I got there. My third and final visit to The Altar today, I couldn't help but place my bare palms deep into the carpet. I thought about all the tears that had been shed down there as mine dripped from my chin to be soaked in as deep as all the others who have knelt before me. Today I felt voices from underneath my hands. I felt them all around me from every direction as everyone was deep in prayer. I could feel their prayers running up through my arms as my lips began to move. I felt sinners, I felt helplessness, I felt the unworthy, and for a brief moment, they were all just like me. I had been too busy to need prayer until I walked in the doors of the church this morning. For me, everything stops at those glass doors. I never wear a watch in church. I honestly don't care if we are there for three hours, it's my time with The matter who shows up, and who don't, no matter who is preaching or who is singing, He knows each of our voices as our preacher once said.

The preacher picked up the beautiful long piece of wood that has felt it's share of elbows placed upon it in prayer over the years. He showed us the tears that had collected on it this morning and he wiped it clean...and He knows whose eyes they poured from.

We had a great service and a great one again tonight as a different preacher stood before us. I listened intently as he explained the verses in perfect story. The lady behind me who is multi-talented herself, would speak words that were coming out of his mouth at the exact time he was saying them. It was as if He was sending her the same message only in a word here and there, to confirm the importance.

I watched the man on the front pew feel the engraved cross on the side of his pew. His right hand kept reaching down and with his fingers pressing against the wood, I wondered if he'd been touching that cross for so long that he didn't even realize it had become part of him. His "Amens" and excited chuckles are always a blessing when The Spirit feels the church, and He knows who's on that front pew.

The lady behind me was surrounded with several of her grand babies and her husband was on the end. They don't normally sit behind me but I was so glad that they did. His voice was so strong and loud. I wondered why I hadn't heard it before. Together they both sang with babies in their laps and it was captivating. I found my own voice getting louder at times because I felt their mighty song enclose around me. I knew I was exactly where I needed to be...not two seats down, not one pew up, right there. We think we all just go in and sit down, but He knows who is willing to feel. Many people say they believe, but they don't know how to feel. I'm so glad I'm in a place that has showed me how to feel.

(to be continued...)

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