Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking for Him

So I've been at the high school for several days in a row. This is the same high school that I couldn't find Him in, until recently. I've worked here for years now and would have to told you that He wasn't very present here until this year. The truth is, He's probably actually been here the whole time, I just wasn't seeing Him.

This week, I've had the same class everyday. I know the kids are probably ready for their teacher to come back, I would be tired of me too by now. A few weeks ago, there was a child in here that was taking Creative Writing. She wrote a poem. It was about Jesus. When I asked her why she wrote a poem about Jesus she simply smiled and tugged at her pony tail and said, "Because I LOVE Jesus!!" I smiled and shared a poem with her I had also written. We had something in common.

On Monday morning, I prayed that I would see His presence at school. That day, a group came by and small red Bibles were distributed to the students. A few ended up in the trash where other students had pulled them back out. They gave me one. He WAS there, making His presence known. On Tuesday, I was looking everywhere for Him. Troubled teens walked in and out of my class all day. Some were sick, some were needing employment in the worst way and some upset by deaths in our area. Already, this holiday season has been hard for a lot of families facing various obstacles and hardships.

Towards the end of the day, I was walking around the room, making sure the kids were on their online classes and not researching tattoos or the latest fashions in boots. I paused to ask a couple of boys to pick up some paper off the floor when I noticed a book. This book was unusual. It was very tattered, but you could see the thin blue cover clinging for dear life to the hard binding that kept the pages together. I was almost afraid to pick it up it looked so fragile, but I did. I asked to whom it belonged. A nervous soft spoken teen smiled and said it was his. His voice cracked as he teeters between remaining a child and becoming a man. I smiled and asked why he carried such a book. He answered so quickly that confidence spewed into the air and his surrounding peers turned to see. "Because you never know when you're gonna need it!!"

In my hands I held his Bible. I told him I loved it. It looked worn not from mistreatment, but from dedicated use. I said to him, "This looks really special, did someone give it to you?" He told me yes, but he didn't tell me who so I didn't ask. But I felt like he'd shared so much with me, more than most kids his age do so I pulled up my blog on the computer. He read the last entry "With Silver Under His Eyes" with wide eyes and interest. He thanked me and said he really liked that. We had something in common.

Again, I was wrong. He is present in that school. There are more people with deep rooted religion that I thought. It's easy to spot the bad in people if that's all you look for. It takes patience, encouragement and contribution to see the good sometimes.

On my third and final morning in the classroom, I awake to more bad news for the locals. A family here lost everything in a fire. With two young boys at the elementary, I've already seen Him working hard this morning through the faithful friends of the desperate family. He sent a faculty member down to my room for a common morning chat, which was filled with heart and awareness of Him. Both of us teared up before we parted to do our jobs we were sent to do in the flesh. I am so glad He is here...He is everywhere you put Him.

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