Sunday, November 27, 2011

With the lights on bright

As service closed, I had no idea what time it was. I didn't even care. It had been such a good one, from start to finish. The rain had thickened as I ran to the car and I could feel the water splashing under my soles. I just hoped I'd make it to the car without falling down.

I turned the key and I suddenly became aware, that it was very dark and I had about a 20 minute ride home, some of that time would be driving down one of Alabama's most dangerous highways. I took a deep breath, and pulled out of the lot and was pleased when I saw another member directly behind me. As we pulled onto the road I could barely see through the rain. I wanted to digest the amazing message we'd been given tonight but all I could see was rain. I brightened my lights and quickly it became apparent that that's ALL I could see. The sharp needles of water threw themselves at my windshield like daggers. I was so focused on the rain, I wasn't even looking at the road.

I quickly became aware that if you focus only the rain, you can run off the road. I was relieved to know that the other member behind me had my back should I sway too far. I took comfort in the fellowship and camaraderie that is demonstrated within our church that if I began to merge into danger, someone would be there to direct me back on the road.

They soon turned off the road and I was alone (sorta). I smiled as I realized He has never let me down. Even in the pouring rain, you can still see the road, if you know it's there. There are times when I want to focus on the rain, but He's always there to show me my path. I love how I feel when I leave church. It's like driving with the lights on bright. Even if the rain falls, I see the road. Tonight, I'm thankful for the church that always seems to brighten the lights for me.

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