Monday, November 28, 2011

With Silver Under His Eyes

I was disappointed I missed Sunday morning services. With a child ailing at home, we decided to stay in but I knew I would get to attend the night services, even if it meant I had to go alone.

We never know who will preach our Sunday night services. The preacher usually has one of several other preachers in the congregation give The Message and I took a deep breath in as he announced who it was. It was the man I'd watched last week feel the cross engraved in his pew.

He walked up to the front with his Bible in hand. He opened it slow and deliberately, revealing The Book's markers he'd placed throughout it. The golden edges shined and the soft ribbon extended with purpose. He looked out among us, and he too breathed in deeply. He began a message only he could deliver with such enthusiasm, such commitment and such certainty. He presented a message only a devout husband, daddy and child of God could deliver.

When he was confident it was time to close, many met at The Alter to pray. I prayed intently for the sick, the heart broken, the lost and the needy. I prayed for strength and vision and patience for myself. I realized my grip on the side of the pew had constricted and my knuckles were probably white but I couldn't look over to see. I heard voices soften as they closed their prayers with one voice growing stronger and more pronounced over all others. Soon we all joined in the one prayer led by the Pastor. His sincerity and conviction grew louder until we felt his words. With "Amens" we arose off bended knees and went back to our seats. Our Pastor stood before us and closed the service with silver under his eyes. The light was reflecting just right and metallic puddles had formed under his lashes.

As always I left revitalized, encouraged, and inspired. With Friends Day next Sunday, I have the responsibility to invite a family. I'm still praying about this one. I hope to find just the right family that can appreciate what happens inside those glass doors. Sadly, it's not something you see or even feel every common day. I came to that church on a visit. I know what a blessing it has been to me, so I'm not taking this too lightly.

Matthew 21:22

"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

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