Sunday, December 18, 2011

He Shines

We loaded up in the car, to take the little boy home who had spent the night with my son. He was needing to be home early this time because he had a big family holiday breakfast to attend. The clouds were covering the 8 o'clock sky and the warm air we'd felt on our skin the day before had gone. Our breath could been this day and we could feel the cold stinging our lungs.

We drove for miles and miles and the 10 year old boys chatted their usual conversations. The child asked me, "Hey Val, did I tell you I got Saved?" I smiled remembering how proud he was the day before when he announced it us. Conversation turned to how people decide when it's the right time, what it feel likes to be touched by Him and similar themed speech.

I looked over to our right and from one single break in the clouds, sun rays were shining down. It was so beautiful. I showed the boys and the child who now calls himself "my brother" said to us, "Oh yea! Guess God is shining down on someone in need."

Tears filled my eyes and I turned up the radio as I lost myself in thought. The rays were shining directly down where my friend lives. She's been in need of a lot of prayer this week. I had woke this morning with Saturday on my mind and I had completely forgotten...but He had not. He was lighting her day when everything else was so cloudy, and it was radiant.

I love these little reminders!

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