Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My seat on the pew

I couldn't help but cry a little on the way to church. I knew my friend that sits by me at every service likely wouldn't show tonight. I knew she'd give anything to be sitting there in church but she had to bury a very important part of her family today...her grandmother.

I had no idea what comfort I could offer her if she did come tonight, other than friendship, compassion, sympathy. I miss my grandmother more and more as the days turned into months which have since turned into years since her death. What could I possibly offer my friend? I knew as soon as I walked in and saw the empty padded bench...I would give her my seat on the pew and hopefully she could feel church, even when she didn't get to physically be there.

I love Wednesday nights. Since it's often a smaller crowd that comes out on this night, the people who normally sit on the other side, come over to sit on the right-hand pews. I took my seat and even though I knew she wouldn't be able to come, I still felt disappointment when I looked to my right and saw no one. When I looked to the left though, my daughter and her tiny friend sat and conversed about a baby doll. I couldn't wait for the songs to begin and when they did, I could hear the tiny child sing the words. My daughter looked at me with astonishment that such a small child could know the lyrics to the old gospel hymns we sing. I looked around and heard some strong male voices coming in from behind me, and I waited. I knew what would soon take place that only happens on Wednesday nights, heard only from my seat on the pew when we combine on the one side.

The next song began I could hear them. Their elegant voices began individually from that pew directly behind me but quickly banded together in what was both soft and powerful but most of all, simply profound. I quietened my own voice so I could hear their song. My eyes briefly filled with tears when I wondered what I've done to deserve such beauty.

Another lady walked up front with a single sheet of paper in hand. I love hearing her sing too. She has such a pure and rich voice. She never sings with a piano, her voice is all she needs. I hear life pouring from her vocal chords as she too emits perfection for my ears to relish.

When our pastor began the message tonight, I quickly read the verse before he had a chance to vocalize the words and for once I understood it. It's not often I can read words from the Bible and understand them without interpretation but tonight I could.
Jeremiah 13:23 KJV
"Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil."

There are things we can't change about ourselves. There are lots of things I ask God for every, single, day. Simple things that may come natural for many, and I'm on bended knee asking for help...and that's okay, but through Him, all things are possible.
I missed my friend. I am thankful for those who could came out tonight. You just never know whose heart you're touching.

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