Sunday, December 25, 2011

She Smiled

Even though she's a grandmother, her voice is quite youthful and unstrained when she sings. She's often found on her feet and in tears as she fills the church with her love and devotion for Christ so it's amazing how the words can flow with such ease. She and her husband stood in front of the church and sang for us recently and I'm always in awe the beautiful Faith they wear so proudly. They've lived through some gut wrenching heartache in their years here but the foundation they had together with Him, was enough to send them to their knees at times, and pick their chins up when needed. Their backs looked strong and so upright as their voices ran over the pews in refreshing waves.

This Christmas morning, as we all gathered in church to celebrate the birth of our Savior, she confidently played hymns on the piano. Her son stood behind her and sang warmly as he looked over her shoulder at the lyrics he probably didn't even need to read. I kept picturing him as if he were a little child and wondered if she too was remembering him as a young boy singing beside her as she couldn't remove the smile God put on her face. Her mouth moved silently with his song but only his voice was heard and she glowed with pride, and I could see it flowing from her.

Throughout the entire song, a tall, handsome, grown child stood near his mother. She continued to show the visual tenderness only this man's mother could display. I couldn't help but smile as I realized how He must feel. Not the man behind her but The One who died on a cross for her. I was sure He was smiling too as she devotes as much of herself to Him as anyone I've ever seen.

We had a beautiful service this morning and I'm so thankful for my church. Our pastor reminded me of something I probably never would have remembered if we had not attended today's service. Simplicity. He reminded us how simple and wonderful Christmas should be. He handed us all a piece of fruit and reminded us how wonderful it was to receive an orange or apple in your stocking as a child. I teared up as I held the fruit and remembered running to that stocking as kid and pulling out that orange. It was always the best tasting orange in the world. It was just an orange and still, everything but just an orange. It was simplicity.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

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