Sunday, January 22, 2012

And She Shouted

I was thrilled it was Sunday when I awoke this morning. I needed it to be Sunday. I haven't had a terrible week or anything but I just needed church today. I needed Him, I needed my church family, I needed my family, all together. As we began to sing before Sunday School, I know I wasn't the only one who thought we may never divide to classes this day...voices were strong, proud, and strengthening.

We did in fact go to classes and when we returned, it didn't take long get right back where we had left off. For the very first Altar Call, I watched a tiny four year old march herself up the first pew, and bow down on her knees. I smiled and my hands began to shake. I knew He was gonna pay us visit today. I sat there wondering if He was going to use me, or my friend, or someone on the back didn't really matter to me, I was open to receiving whatever He had. Although I usually don't receive a Gift in the form of verbal words, I still received a Gift.

It's hard to explain in words how easy the hymns sounded. I knew something great was going to come through as I watched a young teen pound his hand down on the pew to the rhythm of the songs. One of the piano players sat behind me at one point in the service and I can't say that I've ever been blessed to hear him sing. Although soft to the sound, it was so pleasant, I was glad He let me hear it.

As we started to sing another song, a young twelve year old, stood up. I had already been brought to tears by the beauty I'd been surrounded by. This child of God stood up, filled with courage she shouted "Hallelujah!!!" I've never really witnessed her being led to say anything, she's always gonna shout it from the rooftops. Just hearing her voice, so full of passion, at such a young age made ME feel so good. I found myself overjoyed by her words that I was laughing and crying at the same time. I looked around and everyone else was smiling too but tears were still streaming like a waterfall from the side of the slated mountain. I was so glad she stood.

Soon after the man from behind me, with the pleasant voice, stood too. Not long after that, we were Blessed with another teen's Testimony. One after the other, the church was filled with all His Glory. We were asked to all walk around in Fellowship and I was so glad someone felt led to ask us to do that as well. We walked around the church just hugging each other. One of our oldest members reached out for me, I hugged her and she said, "I love you". She looks at the back of my head every service but I know that if I wasn't there, she'd probably miss me.

We are a very Blessed church. And nothing is more important right now to me, than getting my clothes changed, and heading right back there now. I look forward the the singing we are having next Sunday night. I can only imagine what will break out there.

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