Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Connecting Dots

When we were blessed with our kids, we had no idea what lied ahead. We had a blank sheet and could design any picture, and as many as we wanted, we just had to fill it with enough dots for the kids to connect, so they'd see the wonderful pictures in the end.

I've realized over the years that we can't possibly be every dot for every picture. As they grow and the pictures become bigger and better, they also become more complicated and less visible when we first start out. Pictures become filled with so many tiny dots that looking outward in, the kids can't always see how beautiful it will be in the end.

A page full of tiny dots handed to a child sometimes leads them to start connecting random dots to make their own picture. Unguided by us, who knows what they would end up with, it could turn out good, or turn into a mess. Take some of the dots away, unused by the child and your picture will also change. This is where patience comes in. We don't always receive our a page with clear dots in the beginning. If we are unsure where to go next, we wait for our dot to reveal itself.

We talk a lot in church about people being led to do things. I'm so thankful that I'm in a room full dots. They aren't afraid to stand up and show themselves to the children trying to make sense of the pictures we want our kids to see. It may be their Sunday School teacher who sings a song, or the teenager who says, "I'll walk down the aisle with you." Hopefully with continued guidance, patience, and pictures full of beautiful dots, our kids will have a canvas full of love.

Just remember, we all can be dots for someone. We can make their picture complete, or incomplete. We can change their picture completely if they were left with a mess. Some people have no idea which dot to choose next and all they need is someone to guide them in the right direction, who can see something better than what their troubled eyes may see right now. Take time to be a dot today. It may be all someone needs to finish one picture and start on a new one, a better one.

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