Monday, January 16, 2012

Different Plans part 2

During all parts of church Sunday, prayer request after prayer request poured in, one after the other, so many sick, some in hospitals barely hanging on while others have been sent home needing miracles. The singing was really strong today, in every song we sang. Three people stepped up to sing together, and never would I have thought about teaming them up vocally but someone else had.  With mics in hand and one seated at the piano, they all began to sing. I found myself shaking my head back and forth as the beautiful music, their radiant songs, lit the church. They sang with confidence, they sang with intent and I was taken back for a moment. I was honored to be present. No matter how hard I tried to stop shaking my head, verse after verse entered each ear which filled my head and soon my heart. I didn't want them to stop, but they took their seats eventually.

I watched an enthusiastic man preach. I saw his son a few rows up and his eyes were glued to his Dad. He was watching, he was learning, he was growing. I saw a man pick up his newborn baby, as he looked down at her with a genuine love, her bright eyes were drawn towards the light from the windows. With that tiny newborn grin and glow in her eyes from the light, I realized how lucky she was. She was born into the most inspiring, influential church I've ever attended.

The night service was just as grand. A different preacher stood before us, as he has several times in the past. As soon as he spoke, I realized how much he sounded like my uncle. His face would feel with color at times as his words thrust out, so absorbed in the message, he barely took time to refill his lungs. He gave an exceptionally powerful message that complimented what we'd already been discussing throughout the day. He said we make plans everyday, but so does God. His plans may not always agree with our plans, but He has the bigger picture and we do not. He recalled past events in the congregation's lives where the unexpected caught them all by surprise. But they used Faith to get them through.

As I sat at the stop sign, leaving the night service, I saw headlights approaching. As I waited for the road to clear, a cop stormed past. I pulled out and started my twenty five minute drive home. When I got to the main highway, I saw something. Blue lights lit the top of the dark mountain, reflecting off everything from asphalt to road signs. My heart sank as I knew, someone's plans had just been changed. I turned in the opposite direction and soon I saw more flashing lights approaching. As I got ready to turn off the dangerous highway, an ambulance was on its way, uncertain of what it would find when it arrived. Family members of the hurt, would soon be called to the hospital and they would likely be seeking God for help. In an instant we get the unexpected. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it seems so bad. But we have to remember who is in charge. He has plans for us, and in due time, He'll place those plans on your heart.

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