Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just a Ladybug

I couldn't wait to get to church this morning. I was excited to find out that the young couple who had a new baby just a couple of weeks ago was returning. As I ironed skirts and shirts for my own family, my mind was filled with anticipation of seeing this new child God has sent to our church. I was thinking what a gift He has given to us, to life that bares both responsibilities and love...and He chose our church to place her in.

We walked through those doors as we do almost every single Sunday and we found "our home" on the pew. I watched the pianists saunter up and take their places but their strides were both quick and light at the same time, as if there was a cushion of air between their bodies and the ground. The sun got brighter outside and gleamed through the small slender windows as they took their places on the piano benches. Caught completely off guard, one of them was asked to lead us in prayer. I wondered if he could feel the warmth from the sun that lit this small church as his words showered over us in a refreshing gust. This is what began my new year, even though we were now in the 11th hour of 2012.

Our songs were strong and powerful this morning and there was no denying, we were Touched. My hands trembled and the room was full of tears. The energetic hymns were effective as sinner after sinner knelt in prayer. I walked up behind my friend and placed my hand on her back as the carpet became crowded. I felt my hand quake against her back but had no desire to remove it. I was thanking Him for placing me there, among these sinners, among these angels. I listened to everyone else close their own prayers and just like that, my hands were steadied. There was a calmness as if to say, I am here.

I walked back to my seat where my family awaited. Almost everyone in that room had disconnected from the flesh briefly, and was focused on Him. The songs continued and then a little girl went up to sing. Her hair swayed back and forth as she proudly walked up to the mic. I noticed something near the window. It flew a short distance but went right back to that warm pane. It was a ladybug. I listened to the child's voice but could not take my eyes off of this ladybug. Here it is January 1st, and there's a ladybug. It had found refuge inside our church when others of its kind had not survived. It tried to fly around but the attraction of the warm glow of the frosted glass was stronger than the desire to fly.

The sermon was short and sweet, given by a member who has moved hundreds of miles away and only gets to visit around holidays and special times of the year. He thanked me in front of everyone for keeping this blog so he can be a part of the church, even at a 600 mile distance. All I could think about as the gracious words spilled over his lips was "I'm just a ladybug attracted to the light." The people of my church write these stories, these songs of life. I'm just fortunate enough that He invited me there to type out the lyrics of the prettiest song I've ever heard. One that changes and grows with every visit to that church. I'm looking forward to a new year full of song, life, and love with my brothers and sisters at the church of inspiration.

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