Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scare it out of them

I can't really apologize for this, because with every passing day, I feel like I'm running out of time. I have unsaved children. But yesterday, on the way to school, we discussed the Rapture. We had discussed some of Revelations in Sunday School this week and I'm tactfully giving as much as I can to my kids. I have to be truthful with them, they are now 8 and 10. We discuss Heaven often but this day we talked about Hell. I was in a way, trying to scare it out of them.

They were silent at first and then full of questions about His return. "But who will take care of us if you go with Jesus? How will we get food? Will Nanny take care of us?" I answered them the best I could. I assured the kids that should Daddy or I die before Christ comes back, we'd be safe and waiting in Heaven, hoping they too would come one day. They always ask me what He feels like. I explained that He would know when they are ready to repent, ready to accept Him, and ready to feel Him. I want my kids to be fully aware of what getting Saved really is, what it means, how you go about it, etc. When it really is their time to accept Him, they know exactly what is going on. They were really taking it all in!

I kissed them on the cheek and left them at the school doors and I had to make a trip over 50 miles away. While on the interstate, in the misting rain, I saw brake lights ahead. In slow motion it seemed I passed through the wreckage. A pick up truck was on its side and all I could see was the undercarriage with a black bag on the hill beside it. Luckily it was just trash that had been in the back of his/her truck and nothing more. No police yet, no ambulance, just several cars pulled off to help but no one was in the wrecked vehicle. Some men were racing back to the other side of the interstate to look for the driver who had not been found yet apparently. I realized how quickly we can be here, and then not be here. In the panic, these people were searching for someone who had been in that truck, but was no longer there. I wondered if that's how it will be when Christ comes back. Will the people left behind search for us or will they just know?

When I picked up the children from school my daughter immediately said, "I was good today, because I want to go to Heaven!" Obviously the conversation had been on her mind while in school. She hugged me when we got home and said, "Do you know of anybody who went to Heaven today?" I assured her that many people went to Heaven today and she asked me why I didn't go. I told her He has some more things for me to do here but one day it'll be my turn, we have no idea when that will be, it could be many years from now. She didn't appear to be scared at all, just comforted instead. She took her dolls and went out to play.

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  1. Always tell her that if you go and me and her Daddy are still here we will take good care of her and Gage. Love ya'll