Tuesday, February 28, 2012

and the Angels sing

I knew as we arrived at church, many from our congregation would be missing due to the youth trip that led them to the mountains over the weekend. Their presence was certainly missed as empty seats went unfilled throughout the church. Even though many were missing, many were present. From behind me, I could hear two strong male voices. I silenced my voice as the hymn rang on to listen closely. It was a father and son duo seated on opposite ends of a single pew. Though separated by lots of close family members on the wooden bench which has held them up for years, their voices joined together for me, two pews up. On the outside, I appeared to be singing as words formed on my lips but only silence escaped. I listened intently as the words burst from their chests. The walls poured music throughout the small church and a symphony of soon to be Angels rang from all around me and I felt Blessed.

He loved me enough to place me there. I get to feel their songs here in the flesh and as magical as it is, I can't imagine how it will feel when we meet again in Heaven. I began to think that some of them may get there before me, and others will arrive long after I'm there unless The Lord decides otherwise. I knew that there were Angels looking down right at that moment and entering the minds of those seated around me.

She walked up with her little piece of paper when she was requested to sing. She fed us the nectar only her voice can provide which was both soft and sturdy. Her husband whispered the words as she sang and his eyes closed in deep thought. My damp face wrinkled as a smile lifted up my cheeks...and the Angels began to sing. Others joined in ever so gently as they couldn't keep the song buried within themselves for long. Without overtaking, their voices became a soft choir and He loved me enough, to place me there.

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