Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Devil's Ear

We had such nice services Sunday and Sunday night. There's not much I can add this week. I particularly enjoyed Sunday School this week. I think we all shed tears just in the 45 minutes together. It's amazing how silly, goofy, hilarious everyone in that class can be, but when it comes time to worship, that's what we do. We are blessed with plenty of time on our hands for fluff but when we all arrive at church, we worship. I love that.

A thought keeps coming to me though. I guess it's to serve as a reminder to me as much as anyone else because I do cave in at times, depending on subject matter, and listen with the Devil's ear. There are many times, I can hear a small portion of an event, a story, a problem and by listening with the devil's ear which leads to speaking with a forked tongue, I say things that I wish I had not. Keeping quiet is something I can do, I know I can, I've done it before, but it takes more effort on my part as a sinner. I have to remind myself that there are times when I am put in a position to listen, and only listen. My words can often do more harm than good when spoke in anger, so I must remind myself to listen with my heart. When I practice this, I speak with a civil tongue that may still do no good alone, but when spoke in prayer can change everything. And that's my simple thought for the day.

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