Sunday, February 5, 2012

He Was Watching

We are studying Hell in the adult Sunday School Class and the room was packed full this morning. We just barely brushed the surface, but today people spoke of how those in Hell have such an awareness about what is taking place. I imagine they will be fully aware of hurt, pain, misery and not just physically but also have a full mental awareness of the torments each suffer.

I felt like we'd barely got started when it was time to go back up for worship service. The church was also packed full today, which is absolutely fantastic. Many had come to watch our newest and probably youngest preacher give his first sermon since announcing last week he'd been called to preach.

The singing sounded great this morning and when it was finally time for him to begin, he walked up to the front with his new Bible clinched in his hands. The black Book with golden edges shined as he held it up in reference throughout his sermon. He'd walk around as he delivered the message but not too far from The Book. He held it up several times and the black ribbon parted somewhere in The New Testament, and I wondered what he'd marked to read. He never even got to a verse, he didn't need it today.

My eyes were drawn to the pew on which I sat. A tiny young boy sat quietly in his Mama's lap as she gently rubbed his back. His eyes were fixated on the teenage preacher and his big eyes blinked slowly as sleep invited its way in. I thought how blessed this child is to be in a church where he can have role models like stood before him. Those who aren't afraid to admit being sinners, but are much too proud to be ashamed of being God's child. I thought how comforting it is that a child like this, can drift into dreams with the sounds of peace moving through him. As his eyes grew heavy, he continued to watch the young preacher with interest. The tiny child was falling asleep listening to Heaven.

I'm very proud of the young preacher who held his new Bible up high and said he hoped that in 20 years the worn could be seen on the cover, throughout the pages...because that means he's used it. I don't envy preachers, they have a tough job. They get up each week or whenever they are asked, and prepare themselves to preach to the blind and the deaf. It is their calling to get the word through so that people wearing protective veils will see and those with closed ears will hear. They try week after week to get them to see, to hear, to feel, and that can't be an easy task. Our newest did a geat job today, and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

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