Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Friend, My Everything

We were asked the question in Sunday School "Who is He, to you?" and we went around trying to describe in words who He is to us. I listened as He was beautifully described as a best friend, as an everything, etc...

I gave a basic answer of "He's my center. We get busy and things get crazy and we're pulled in so many different directions. You can only be pulled so far before you have to snap right back to the center." But He's much more than that. I wasn't very satisfied with my answer so when I awoke at 3:30 this morning, I pondered on the question a bit more...

My dry eyes cracked opened. The cold meds, the asthma inhaler, something had drained me completely of fluids as I peered at the white ceiling. I listened intently to the silence for a brief moment and I knew my day would be anything quiet.

I smiled as I realized He was my silence when all is loud and chaotic and He is sound when silence is piercing. He is direction when I'm unclear of the path ahead and He is the map of past travels. He is my vision when my eyes don't see and He's my blinder when my gaze is filled with distractions. He's my warmth when the bitter and the cold move too close and He's my cool when the heat seeps through my veins. He's air when I am smothered and He takes my breath when I gasp at His creations. He's comfort when I am in need and He's assurance when I fall short. He is my Friend and my Everything, just like they said...

I look around at our congregation and I see Him. He's Blessed some members with careworn wrinkles not placed by age alone but by love and laughter, hope and heart, character and devotion. He's also Blessed some with streaks of silver that age alone could not place. Each strand was earned through worship, time spent in the valleys and Faith that would lead them to the mountains. He is their Friend, their Everything.

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  1. Beautiful. This is going to be my devotion and thought for the day. Thank you for sharing!