Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So I Touched

I awoke this morning and just lied in bed for a solid hour with Him on my mind. I thought about church, the people, the songs, the testimonies...

I finally forced myself out of bed even though it was still hours before I would see the sun.  I could feel my bones tremor inside even though my hands were steady, so I knew He was very near me.  I did my morning routine, then had a little talk with Jesus to start my day off right. I had no intention of letting anything get in between us today and I was so thankful, He had blessed me with an off day so I could revive what I knew was getting buried with menial labors of the flesh.

After dropping the children off, I came straight back home. I eliminated myself of distractions and He poured out His Blessings. I managed to work on a project that I've set aside for a couple of weeks.  At His blessing, I was given a task that at times, I admit I have questioned but I know for a fact it came from Him, so I'm letting Him carry me through the entire thing. Asking for patience each day, yet time after time allowing impatience to bleed through-He truly has shown me that just because I want something, or want to finish something, I must wait for Him. I knew today I would be blessed with His direction.

A bird chirping outside my door about mid morning led me to leave the confined internals of my house and go outside for a break. I knew there was more and I didn't want to pass it up. I walked right up to the edge of the property and stared out into the woods. I heard squirrels scurry around for acorns and suddenly I was startled by a large bird taking flight. I filled my lungs with cool air and shut my eyes as if were the last breath I'd ever take in. I held it in for a moment and eased it out reluctantly. I felt the warmth from the sun reach down and caress my back.

I thanked Him for taking the time to touch me today. I realized how often I am blessed to see and hear so many wonderful things around me, but rarely do I ever reach down and touch them. I walked up to my favorite trail.

I stopped in the middle of the trail and reached my bare hand out to touch the barbed wire fence. I wondered how many times my husband's grandparents, who lived here during their time down here, snagged their garments or their flesh on this sharp metal fence. I ran my hand down the metal wire and as long as I was aware of the barb ahead, I could move my fingers out of the way but if I got distracted, the pain of the sharp metal pricking my skin would get me before I even knew it was there.

Again, I became keenly aware of everything around me. I could smell a very pungent bitter green odor. The "soap nuts" from a nearby tree covered the ground and I picked several up in my hands at once and knew, I'd always recognize that distinct smell from now on.

I walked back home and in my front yard I saw a cluster of daffodils. I walked over to them and admired their beauty in my February yard. I bent down on my knees to feel the velvet moss that grew around the old oak trees. It felt like damp carpet between my fingers and I reached out to touch the daffodils. I squeezed the stem of three and pulled them from the ground. In slow motion, not letting one second of this day slip past me unnoticed, I pulled the flowers close and inhaled. The fresh aroma brought tears to my eyes...they smelled exactly like my Maw Maw did.

With tears flowing, I thanked Him once again for such a beautiful day. Of all the people He could have picked to give all this to, He chose me. I stood from my knees and carried my dear grandmother's memory inside to brighten my table. So glad I reached out and touched His blessings today, what gifts He bestows.

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  1. Beautiful, Val...thanks so much for sharing such tender moments!