Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bare Branches

I pass the old tree every single day. I rarely think much of it other than I wonder how long the people that own it, will keep it there. It's been years now and every single year, it offers nothing but bare branches. This time of year, while its brothers and sisters who line that long drive way bloom, it stands at the very end, and offers nothing to me. I ask myself each year, why don't they just cut it down, but they never do.

As I passed by this morning, the same thought entered my mind as it does every time I see the two lines of well groomed trees, all fairly equal in height, equal in size and shape, equal in beauty...yet my eyes began to gaze at the one. The one who bares no beauty, the one who bares no fruit, for me. I thought about the owners, they must see something I do not.

They may have Faith that one day, she will bloom again. They probably see life under the old bark and maybe they think that with proper nurturing, they will one day see her branches full. I'm not convinced that's the only reason she still stands. I imagine that when they planted those trees many years ago, the toys out near the carport belonged to their children, and not their grandchildren. I believe that over the years, they've come through many trials they never knew they would face. I'm not sure if that tree ever did bloom but year after year, she came through the storms, and they hoped.

They probably didn't have the heart to cut it down, just because she didn't bloom like the others. Over the years, I'm sure she's been home to little birds that were worth the walk, all the way to the end of the drive just to hear their song. Not every living thing blooms the same way. She stands strong and tall, no matter how many eyes see her as useless. She obviously has her purpose and I have a feeling from now own when I pass their house, my eyes will continue to glance over the prettier trees and fall on her, as I wonder what all those bare branches hold.

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