Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beyond the Altar

I was very excited to get back to church this morning. Illness kept us home last week and I know we are only human, things happen from time to time but I honestly felt like I'd been gone a month.

Traffic was backed up at the top of the mountain. People couldn't wait to get inside the gates of the flea market which is only held on Sundays. I was equally enthused to be heading in the opposite direction, to my little country church.

As service began, I inhaled deeply the clear air within that room. One after the other, the members stood up to Praise Him. I looked to my left and a child sat with one shoe on, and one shoe off. His Mama held his shoe in her hand, as the family all sat closely together. I watched as many were led to The Altar, where on bended knees, they placed their heads down into the carpet, as low as they could possibly get. You could hear sobs, as I too could no longer hush my tears. The Spirit flowed throughout the little church.

I looked around and bare feet were everywhere. People of all ages had left their shoes behind, to walk up and Worship Him. I immediately thought that we will all have to leave things behind one day. It won't just be our shoes. We'll leave our parents, our children, our friends, when He calls us beyond The Altar, to our Eternal Home.

Before service was over, the tears had turned into complete Praise again and even laughter as we departed ways. There's no guarantee that we'll all make it back for the continuation of the service tonight, but I'm excited that my feet, and my heart are pointing in that direction. I love my church, and I'm beyond Blessed that He gave them to me. No matter how much my children love me, or my husband loves me, or my parents...I will remove my shoes one day and go Home to Him. 

His gifts are completely free. He holds His hand out for me every single day, and all I have to do is reach for it. We were fortunate enough to all have been given a future Brother today as one of our own was Touched by The Lord, and Saved. What a beautiful day, it has turned out to be...and again, we didn't even make it to Sunday School.

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