Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Blessing

I don't always know when a Blessing is coming my way. Sometimes, out of nowhere, one will fall into my lap and the surprise of it all will draw tears from my eyes. Sometimes however, I am aware that one is on its way. I get these internal chill bumps all over, not visible to the eye but a prickling under my skin that tells me to watch closely.

This morning, on the way to buy groceries of all things, I got the feeling. I was at the top of the mountain right were I turn to go to church when I suddenly became aware that a Blessing was coming for me. My eyes darted quickly, looking around for it. I realized I was smiling the whole time my eyes searched from the tree tops to the child sitting next to me. What could it be this time?

As my car descended from the mountain we approached a church at the bottom of the hill. I could see people gathered together of all ages, holding hands with heads lowered. They were having a circle prayer. I teared up as my heart felt warm, knowing that they loved Him too.

While shopping for groceries, I had an unexpected Blessing as an elderly man watched me select the perfect container of my son's favorite chicken salad. I picked up one container but put it back down and reached for the one I wanted to take home. The old man smiled at me and said, "They all cost the same, so I don't blame you for picking the one that suits you best. There's always that one that seems to be a little bit better than the rest." All I could offer was a polite smile and a quick verbal agreement but I repeated what he said over and over until I found myself back to that same spot, where the chills had filled me an hour before...right where I turn off to go to church...and I realized what He meant.

I've spent years in and out of churches, always as a visitor. Nothing really suited me until I arrived at New Welcome. Even though I saw all the churches equal in value, I knew when I walked through the doors of my church a year ago, that this is the one that suits me best. There's nothing more nourishing, healthy and fulfilling as the one picked by Him.

I was thankful that The Lord sent me such a Blessing, even on a Saturday morning as I was headed out for one of the most dreaded tasks of the week. He is everywhere.

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