Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Different (part 1)

I sat down at the teacher's table in that noisy cafeteria as a nobody. Some of the teachers know my name because I've answered their desperate calls to work for them when unexpected emergencies arise but to most of the students, I'm no one. They rarely ask my name and if I give it to them, by the end of class I'm referred to as Umm Mrs Umm What Was Your Name Again?

I looked around the busy room at all the tables, hoping to recognize some of the kids I was responsible for that day. I saw a familiar student, somewhat of a class clown from what I can remember, take a seat at the bare end of a table. He was the first of his class to make it through the line with a tray of food he stacked high with teenage nutrition. He touched his fork but left it on the tray and brought up two fingers and placed them on his temples and lowered his head. My first thought was that he was sick but then I noticed his lips moving. Another teen, sort of a rough and tough kid with a loaded tray of food sat down next to him. He too reached for his fork but left it there as he saw his friend raise his bowed head and begin to eat. He then lowered his own head and covered his eyes and I saw his lips move. They were praying.

They were different. Of all the people in that room, they were most likely the only ones that chose to give thanks before eating. I realized that I should try to be less ordinary. I too, wanted to be different. I knew that He must have something special planned for us later on at revival, to be visiting me in a high school cafeteria full of noise and distraction.

I was smiling before I knew it. It didn't really matter if anybody in that room knew me or even pretended to, The Lord knew my name and He cared enough about me to let me know...
(to be continued)

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