Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Different (part 2)

...and I was right to think there would be something special waiting for us at revival. Almost immediately, people were standing in Praise, Testifying about how wonderful Christ has been to them and for them. It didn't take long before we all became one. One church full of people from different areas, even from different church buildings, but this night, we were suddenly one church full of people, there to worship and praise The Lord.

I heard a piercing silence when he started to speak. Everything went into slow motion, and I knew The Spirit had come. He was telling another story that I knew he'd been born to tell, and I was nearly on the edge of my seat awaiting each word. I was aware that even the breath from my body had become measured so I wouldn't miss a thing. The man on the front row that touches the engraved cross with his right hand on the side of his pew, was telling of his mother. She's sat through countless services in that church during her many years here, and she had grown tired and weak in body. Just weeks earlier I had watched him come back to her pew, wrap his arms around her, and become a child once again. He hugged her tiny frail body and said, "Mama I love you." Though she had grown very weak and tired over the last couple of weeks, The Lord had decided she would stay here a little longer. Her grown son spoke through tears as love for his Mama poured out of his heart and over his lips.

A beautiful voice from over near the piano complimented his exact story and I wept. The singer's voice broke as emotion filled her, but she sang it anyway...
and I saw that they were different...
There were many times when I was young,
I saw tears in mama's eyes,
And I didn't know what things it was,
That made my mama cry.
But as the years went by,
I understood each tear,
Mama cried for her children,
While she was living here.
And she prayed,
"Lord please save my children,
I'm asking you today..."

As a mother who prays everyday to please come Save her children, I had no way of stopping this flood that fell onto my lap. Her voice was both radiant and sorrowful at the same time, and He slowed everything down for me. My jaw began to tremble just like Maw Maw's used to do. I tried to smile my way through the powerful message He was sending our way but the words just rippled in slow motion down through my chin, because I'm Pluma's Grandaughter...and He knows that well.

A gathering at The Altar where so many times I've watched knees bending two by two is where He led me. A mother led this pack of hungry sinners and I followed, again in slow motion. I could ask for nothing. But I whispered out loud, "Thank You Jesus." My jaw eased its quake immediately and my body relaxed. More tears poured as the loving mother stood and found her son amongst the herd. With everyone else seated, they stood and embraced tightly. A small little boy with brown hair ran up to them, and wrapped himself around his daddy's leg, and there stood the three, and I knew that they were different....

The three parted and two sat down, and one did not. I didn't turn around, but a voice I've never heard, left the grown man's body. Though he speaks and sings often, I'm certain that this particular voice has never been heard by my ears. Like the other man, he too had become a child again, and thanked his family, including his own wife. He loves his Mama for everything that she is, and everything she's not. I listened to every word hoping The Lord would slow it down one more time for me this I could remember everything.

I wasn't brought up in that church, but they've accepted me as if I had been. I can't change the fact that it's taken me this long to pray, to worship, to Praise and to grow, like I wish I could say I've spent my whole life doing. But with one look over at my child on the pew next to me...I knew I was different. My heart felt three sizes bigger when I left that church, knowing that my kids will be able say, "I've grown up in this church." I know that He'll reach down one day and answer my prayers. Lord Please Save My Children
Today I'm so thankful for His Blessings which include placing me among The Different.

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