Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Echo

I was fortunate to get out early this morning and attend an early morning Sunrise Service near my home. As we left the warmth of the church to take our seats outside where chairs had been placed, the cold was there to welcome us. Many wrapped their legs in blankets but I knew The Lord would bring me comfort, even though I wasn't really as prepared as the others for these temperatures. I thought how little it was of me to even consider the cold an inconvenience when nails were driven through His flesh...for me.

I could see the preacher's breath as he told of how Mary went to that empty tomb. I could see my own body tremble as my skin greeted the crisp Easter morn, but I felt warm. The voice of the preacher echoed throughout the countryside. I thought of those people that were coming out for the Sunday paper, or to feed the animals, or just watch the sunrise. How wonderful it was that they too were hearing his voice this morning. The story of The Son Rising crept through pine needles, over the little streams, and onto the porches of everyone in the path of the echo.

Thank you to The King, to The Savior, to Jesus Christ who died for me, and for you. Have a very Blessed Easter...The Son has Risen

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