Monday, April 23, 2012

That Tree

I couldn't believe how well I rested last night. I awoke singing church hymns in my head. I scurried to get my coffee ready so I could watch the sun, which was about to rise outside. I sat at the table and watched patiently. I looked to my favorite tree. This tree never looks the same to me, it changes every single time I looked at it. There's always something new I didn't see before, and today was no exception.

As I sat on the bench peering out across the field at the tree, I felt like I was back at church, on that bench anticipating something great. I sipped my coffee quickly so I wouldn't miss a thing. With everything still around me, I saw the tree begin to move. Not side to side as if a strong wind approached with intent to change the tree. It moved from within. A simple stirring seemed to come up through the tree and exit from every direction. Without swaying each and every leaf twisted and turned gently with excitement. It was as if the leaves were all there to greet the morning sun as it began to show itself over the horizon.

A smiled rose upon my face that wrinkled my aging eyes. I kept looking at the other trees in my yard, and they were as still as could be, but not this tree, not my favorite tree. Each leaf continued to spin , shimmering as the sun gave them more and more light but the branches stood still, anchoring each leaf.

I want to be that tree. So eager each morning to greet whatever The Lord has in store for us, that's what makes that tree different. That's what makes it beautiful, to me. It takes something as simple as the sun rising to stir it.

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