Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Warm

The Blessings didn't stop yesterday. In fact, I was up most of the night on the receiving end as they poured from Above, one after the other. Tears fell from my eyes but there was no sadness as a smile graced my faced in the dark hours of the night. I lied in my bed knowing He'd give me rest when I needed it. I think I slept about two and half hours total and when I got to church this morning, I found out I wasn't the only one He'd Awakened last night. I knew before I even stepped inside the doors this morning, we'd go straight into Meeting, into Worship. The kids were chatting on the way there about Sunday School and I told them that we likely wouldn't have it this morning, I had the feeling.

As we left for church, we had felt the cool brisk morning air greet us as we ran through the strong wind to the car. I felt suddenly at ease as the paved road welcomed my family, leading us in the right direction. I was keenly aware...of everything, again confirming for me that He was especially near us today. As my husband drove us closer and closer to our little country church, I closed my eyes to just feel the warm upon my face. The same warm that I noticed as walked past the windows inside my house this morning. The kinda warm that's so inviting it draws more than just insects to the glass panes to bask in the light. The sound of tires meeting the pavement was comforting, because I knew where I was going, and what was awaiting. I began to feel everything...the birds in flight, the flags blowing in the wind, the trees that were bearing fruit, I could feel Him in everything that my eyes surveyed this Sunday morning, and it felt good.

My breaths were deep and clear as a Deacon stood before us all and told a touching story that began what I knew we had all come to do...worship and praise The Lord. One after the other, they were obeying Him, and I could feel His Spirit moving throughout the little church. The Deacon's child sat on our pew and heads were turning towards her tiny frame as she belted words to the hymns we all sang. A grown man stood and told his Mama he'd meet her in Heaven if he didn't live another day. He told his daughter to call her brother and give him the good news that Daddy was with The Master and we were all moved to tears.

I'm very thankful for what I've felt over the last couple of days. I've let life lead me for a couple of weeks now, and I am so glad that He's always there for me, even when I let Him down. I had been trying and trying to get back where I needed to be, and He has sent His Grace once again. I can't imagine not having Him, and just living to keep from dying like I see so often. I am thankful for the warm, the love and the Grace.

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