Tuesday, April 3, 2012

With Their Voices

It's revival time at our little church. Chatter filled the air as everyone greeted one another in casual conversation. On the front pew sat a man in a nice suit, and a child in a nice green shirt. I wondered if this man was the preacher chosen to deliver the messages as his eyes fell onto his open Bible.

Soon, the first song began and I was comforted to hear strong familiar voices from behind me. I never had to turn my head, I knew exactly to whom they belonged. After only a couple of songs, a small group of strangers walked to the front, including the two from the front pew. They stood closely together as if they were all from the same family and with their voices, they filled the small church.

In amazement at their healthy and enormous voices, I found myself counting their heads. How could there be so few of them, and yet sound like an entire choir of people? I watched as one of the smallest of boys kept looking up as he attempted to remember the words. He and his twin stood side by side but even with so many eyes in his direction, he only looked up. I looked over at an older boy, the child with the green shirt from the front pew, and he too was looking up. They sang with a solid confidence that cascaded around the small room. I watched the boy in the green shirt as he swayed back and forth. He inhaled deeply before before releasing each burst of words that drew us in for more. I found myself watching the child with curious eyes. How could someone so young, sing with that kind of passion? His knees bent slightly as if he were lifting each word up so high, he had actually bend low to pick the next one up. I looked back at the smaller boy and his eyes were full of light. His gaze never lowered and suddenly, his lips were moving perfectly with the others as if He was carefully placing each lyric inside the boy. He began to smile. Still looking upward the tiny child was smiling as if he knew where the words were coming from. My own eyes filled with water as I felt Blessed to be there in that room.

Revival at my little country church has gotten off to a great start! I can't wait to go back tonight as I'm certain, more Blessings will pour over us all.

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