Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Because Sometimes...

Because sometimes, for really no other reason at all than He died on the cross for me, or because He gave me another day with my children, or because I deserve nothing-yet I seem to have everything I want and need...I drop to my knees in prayer.

I've been talking to Him all day long and suddenly after lunch, I felt the need to drop immediately and pray, just because. My heart and mind had been racing with things I felt like I needed to do but all I really wanted was One on one time with The Lord. And because sometimes I pray, because sometimes I listen, because sometimes I obey...He's ALWAYS close by. I burst into tears because I felt like a child at the park walking away from the safety and comfort of a loving Father. I've kept Him in view, but sometimes at a distance. I knew He was still there, I could feel Him but I didn't like being on my own. I wanted Him right by my side again. My heart slowed to a normal pace and I suddenly felt like I had nothing I needed to do.

I walked around my yard, watered beautiful plants, smiled at the tiny apple I found growing on one of my trees. I checked on the cherry tree we planted exactly a month ago. It was so weak and unattractive back then we almost didn't buy it, but now it is strong and healthy. I finally sat on my patio to think about all of my Blessings once again, something I often do when no one is around. Half the time I don't even notice a tear rolling down my cheek or a grin that can be seen from far away because sometimes I get lost, in Him. The hot sun burned my skin but it didn't matter to me. I sang the first verse of Amazing Grace and looked around as if I was expecting something. I didn't notice anything. Feeling slightly guilty for expecting something I decided to start over, and sing louder. With confidence pushing the words from my mouth, not caring if anyone heard my off-tune song, I sang it again. Even the birds got quiet and I began to smile because what a great feeling that song brings to me...How Sweet The Sound...

Without stopping I looked up to the sky and all the clouds were moving away from me, except one small cluster. It appeared to moving right for me. As it approached closer and closer down to me, the clouds began to open up. It looked like a hand, reaching down for me. Because sometimes I want, because sometimes I expect and because sometimes I need...a Blessing. Thank You Lord for reaching out Your hand, time after time after time.

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