Sunday, May 13, 2012

the Mother's Day

I spent my first Mother's Day eleven years ago, holding my newborn baby. He was three days old at the time. I held my baby close, rocked him and sang him lullabies...knowing he couldn't hear my voice. I sang them anyway, because I was his mother, and he could feel my song.

Today I watched him walk to the front of the church as we all sang Happy Birthday to those who celebrated their special day this past week. He nervously stood with his hands in his pockets, shoulders raised and a shy grin upon his face. I couldn't help but thank The Lord for giving me this Blessing on Mother's Day....because eleven years ago, I wasn't sure I'd be a mother for long. Every time someone walked into the room on his actual birth day, we were given lists of things that could possibly be wrong with him...and that was scary.

I spent the first few years of his life interpreting for him. Words couldn't be heard by his ears, but instead were read upon my face as he always looked up to me for help, when someone tried to talk to him. One day The Lord decided that He would give my child sound, words, song and most of all, a voice of his own. It's been seven years since he began to hear, and speak. As a parent, it's still my job to help interpret for him what's right and wrong as long as he is here with me. I am so thankful for the fellowship, the support, the love we feel in that church. He still looks up at me sometimes during service as it's nearly impossible for him to hear everything that is said within the walls of the church. Today I'm just feeling Blessed that after 11 years, I'm still a Mom and have not just one, but two people in my life that call me that everyday.

~~Happy Mother's Day~~

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  1. You have been a good Mother to them. They love you no matter what you hear them say.