Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to Him

One final glance up at me and she whispered "Now?" I smiled at my baby girl and tapped her leg, "Now."

With her Bible in her hand she walked down the aisle and up to the front of the church. My heart raced for her and she quietly announced the Book she'd be reading from. I tried to read along with her but as her mother, I sat admiring the courage and bravery. I knew it took everything she had, just to be standing there in front of everyone and give the Devotion.

I remember holding her as a baby with her big blue eyes peering up at me. She was in that world of silence and she always looked up to me when she wasn't sure. He could have left her in that in silence, but He didn't. He gave her a voice, and she was now giving it back to Him.

He didn't have to give her the Sunday School teacher's voice that had taught about the Ten Commandments, which was the basis for her Devotion. He didn't have to give her the sound of her very best friend telling her she could, when she try to say she couldn't. He didn't have to give her the voice she used to speak words from her Bible. But He did. I'm beyond proud that she's learned one way, to give it back to Him...

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