Sunday, June 3, 2012

They Pass By

It was Homecoming for our little country church. This is the day that those who currently go and have gone in the past to our little church, make a special effort to attend services and the lunch afterwards.

We took our usual seats and soon came the songs. It didn't take me long to get lost in them. Two powerful young men stood at the piano and sang. The sun had been hiding all morning due to the rain, but before they sat down, you could see their shadows stretched out before them. The warm sun lit their backs as they poured out their love for The One that died on Calvary's Cross, for them. The pianist quietly moved his lips to the words that floated around him, across the shadows and onto the pews.

I began thinking about the people not inside that room. I thought about the common man out for a simple Sunday drive. I wondered if he had a flat tire outside, would he hear us. As powerful and strong as the church is inside those walls, I began to wonder if we are as powerful outside the doors of the church. If someone walked by, would their feet carry them up those front steps? Would they be drawn to the voices, the clapping, the song?

People are everywhere, they pass by every single Sunday on their way to some place else. I continued to be consumed with the songs as my mind thought about those that pass by. I secretly hoped someone would be drawn in that maybe had no intention of coming, but by His Will, was led in. I wanted someone else to be a part of what I consider as close to Heaven as we'll likely get on this side.

The preacher eventually stood and he began to speak. His voice grew in strength quite quickly as he reminded us of past sermons. I could see my child looking at me, watching me, but I could not remove my eyes from the preacher. The more I tried to look away, the more intent my stare became. Everything around me seemed blurred as I focused on what He was trying to say to me. The more I listened, the more I realized that people aren't really going to come to us. As a church, as a whole, we are strong. For the most part, individually, we are strong. I, however, as a single Christian, should never sit still and wait on someone to ask their way in. I have a lot of work to do and sitting in shadows isn't going to benefit anyone. When I walk outside those doors, it's up to me to stand in the sun so that those who pass by me, will see where I stand. Most people won't look to the shadows when they need help, and sometimes, I feel like that is where I am more comfortable.

Tears filled my eyes as I realized just how much more I need to do as a Christian. I wasn't saddened that no one opened the doors and walked up to the altar in awe of The Lord because He let me know today, it would take a little effort on my part to witness such. He sends me those that pass by every single day of my life, and without me contributing, without me living by example, without me wearing my Testimony, they don't see me unless I step into the light and shine a little.

I inhaled deeply as the songs began once again, just to assure myself that I wasn't smothering, and I took them all in. I saw a man singing with his eyes closed, he was taking them all in. Someone walked up to The Altar, she was taking Him in. I almost went up to pray with her but He stopped me. He wanted me to see something, and I knew that. I stayed at my pew and I watched her...a tiny child with long brown hair walked up to the back of the pack. People were everywhere on bended knees. She stepped carefully in her long sundress and she too got down on her knees. She put her face directly down onto the blue carpet. Her tiny hands pressed around her face. I watched her and smiled as she appeared to pray. She stayed down for quite some time until she raised her little head. As some people got up, she made her way closer to the front until she was ready to go back to her Mama, on the pew from which she came.

I was so glad He showed me that. I knew that even as three year old child, she was letting her light shine...she wasn't sitting in shadows. I found encouragement from that little girl today. I know that I have to start paying more attention to the ones that pass by. It's going to take effort on my part if I want them to stop. After all, one day, it will my Homecoming. He'll call for me, He won't pass me by, and I'll have to account for all those people that I didn't flag down...all those people that I let pass by...

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