Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walking in on Worship

Even though technically we pulled up at 15 minutes before our typical Worship Service was to begin, I knew in my heart, HE was already there. My daughter asked, "Mama, are we early?" and I looked around the still parking lot and said, "You know Honey, I actually think we're late."

I asked her to go up to the glass doors, peek inside and then come tell me what she saw. We all three sat patiently in the car and watched her. She came back to the car and gently opened to door and said, "There's kids a-singin'!"

My chest felt heavy as my suspicions were confirmed. I began to walk, despite the thought that crept in my mind that it was already too late. The parking lot seemed to stretch farther and farther but I walked on. When I got to the bottom of the steps, it sounded a whole lot like CHURCH. I climbed a few steps and I could see through the familiar glass doors and I saw them all standing, and it looked a whole lot like CHURCH. I swallowed deep as we slithered inside hoping to go unnoticed. I was surprised our regular seats were empty, and as we took them, it began to feel a whole lot like CHURCH.

It became quite clear almost immediately that if no one else in that room, noticed that we slipped in, HE knew that I had come. I began to see everything. I watched a daughter standing in front of her Daddy, the same man that was looking just like her to me as he sat on the pew Wednesday night. Several ladies were standing in front of the church and they spoke through tears slowly, but with so much strength. I could feel each word as it fell low from their lips, as they placed everything down before the Almighty One, just as He had told them to.

I had walked in on Worship. It wasn't long ago that I sat on a pew, asking The Lord to send in a stranger. Someone that needed the church, that needed Him, but maybe didn't realize it. Someone that would be drawn in from the parking lot from the strength inside those walls. Today, He answered my prayer. I was the stranger. Walking in on that worship service was such a Blessing, and He knew exactly what I needed.

Later, as I lied on a float in the pool, my daughter hid behind me, pretending she'd left me in there all alone. I ignored her, because I was digesting all that I'd witnessed today at church but I knew she was there. She didn't realize that she was still guiding me around the pool, she had never let go of the float. Suddenly she popped around and said, "Hey there! I was here the whole time, I never left you."

Tears streamed from my eyes that hid behind sunglasses. I knew He had been there the whole time as well, but I guess I had been ignoring Him. He was still guiding me, He never let go.

Tonight, we met again and had another fantastic service. People arrived wearing their best swollen eyes from this morning. Tissues were soaked once again and several preachers stood up and gave us more of Him. I'm so glad that revival has already started at my little country church. It's expected to last all week long and I'm looking forward to more.

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