Monday, July 23, 2012

Because It's Worth It

I sat on the bank of the lake, looking out at my children playing in the water. It was Sunday morning and I knew where I should be, but wasn't...

I must have stared at that water several minutes before I realized my hands were clasped together below my chin, and I had moved straight into prayer. The kids were having a great time, and I was too truth be known, but it still bothered me, that there was a worship service about to begin, and I wouldn't be there. As the waves rippled through the lake's surface, it appeared that the water was all moving backwards, away from me...but as soon as the little waves crashed against the shore-line, I knew it had been heading in my direction the whole time. The sun, the shadows, the wind and the passing boats made the water appear to be leaving me, but just when I thought it was gone, a refreshing splash wet my feet. That made me smile.

I thought about how often things in my life appear to be pushing me backwards only to find out that I was being giving choices. I could follow the eye of the world and go farther and farther back, or I could hold on to my Faith and know that He would bring me in. That made me smile too.

The kids didn't want to leave, in fact they begged to stay the rest of the day. It crossed my mind briefly to just stay a little longer. I was tired, I was already limping from previous injuries but I knew if I stayed longer, I'd likely miss the night service at church. I wanted to go, because I knew it'd be worth it.


I knew as I walked in for the service, many people were missing. Several are on vacation and traveling just as we had been, but I took a seat. We sang hymns that reminded me of why I had shown up. I grabbed a tissue as the lady from the back was asked to sing. She took her place delicately on the piano bench, and "Stroll Over Heaven With You," rolled from her heart, which made her sound even more beautiful. I teared up, as expected, but it was worth it.

I watched a preacher stand to welcome us. His voice echoed off the empty pews. I was glad that I was one of the few that had made it in through those doors because there was something there for me. He set the tone for the service. His voice showed strength, even though many of us felt weak. As we were called to pray at The Altar, I placed my hands down on the long piece of wood, below the phrase, "This Do In Remembrance of Me". My head felt so heavy as I dropped it onto my hands. As we prayed for those mentioned, those in need of prayer, I added my family...myself into my prayer as well. I want a brighter light, I told Him. I know I'll have to go through some things on this side to earn it, but it'll be worth it.

We took our seats, and another preacher walked with his Bible in hand up to the front, and laid it on the pulpit. He began soft and gentle. But as soon as he began talking about the Lord, his voice grew strong and loud as if all the seats were taken. His sermon was on...It'll be worth it...

I smiled because The Lord does that often. He'll tie things all together for me in obvious sequence just to put the message right there in front of my face. Sometimes, He doesn't. Sometimes, I have to take things home with me and eventually, they consume me, before I figure it out. But it's always worth it.

The preacher spoke of Christians of the past, some within the church that have passed on now, and told us if we lined them all up in a row and asked them if it was worth it, they'd tell us YES, without a doubt. I watched the man continue preaching a very strong message, despite the tremble this world has placed in his hands. I knew that it was worth it to him as well, to push through and give us that message from The Lord.


I left there knowing that everything we go through in this world, is going to be worth it. I cranked up my car and headed home, only to hear a song with the words, "It'll be worth it all, when He calls us away..." Again I smiled, because The Lord is intent on me hearing those words this day. I'm glad I was one of the few that made it into the service. I was obviously one of the few in that room that needed it. I can't wait to start this week now knowing, it'll all be worth it.

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