Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What a Child Can Hear

I knew The Lord had something special for me today. I've really worked hard on being Obedient this week so when I woke with that feeling, I knew I'd be touched by Him.

I had already prayed by the time I sat down at my computer and read about Carson. He is the teen that I started reading about just over a year ago, as he battled an aggressive form of cancer. He was an amazing musician and everyone that ever met him, acted as if he had the special ability to awaken something inside of them. His dad writes the most touching memoirs about how much his son gave him and others around him. I left my computer in tears. I was so moved by the fact that hours before his death, his closest family and friends gathered around his hospital bed and sang Amazing Grace and other songs to comfort and encourage him as he journeyed from this world right up to the throne in Heaven where he was to meet his Father. They "had church" his Dad wrote.

I hid my tears as my children and I walked outside. I sat on the front porch and I pretended to watch the kids play, but I was talking to The Lord. I became very thankful for what I was feeling inside. I've always thought I kept The Lord close my years before I found the perfect church for me, but if I'd only known what all I was really missing. There's a big difference between attending church, and having church.

A cool morning breeze brushed over my bare legs and suddenly the clean air sunk deep into my lungs. I began to notice everything which brought a smile to my face. I love it when HE does that. I saw a tree we recently planted and for the first time I noticed it had heart shaped leaves. My children giggled freely as they approached the front steps. My daughter sat on the edge and dangled her eight year old legs off the side of the porch. She kicked her feet back and forth and looked around. I told her to close her eyes and tell me what she heard.

Part of me was curious as to what a deaf child would hear through her prosthetics but part of me wanted to know simply what a child could hear. She did as I asked and she listened. "Birds, I hear birds." I said, "Good. Now listen again. Tell me more." She closed her eyes again and said, "Bugs, I hear bugs and the wind...and machinery or an airplane."

As she darted off to go play with her brother, I sat there and knew there was a difference. Had I not spent so much time with HIM this morning, I might have just heard birds and bugs, the wind, an airplane...

Just moments before she came up to the porch, my eyes were shut. I was Listening. I heard happy birds in full chatter. I could feel how happy they were as they fluttered and played and flew around my yard. With my eyes still closed I knew their little bellies were plump from a full feeding after the heavy, much needed rains through the night. The light wind that brushed over my skin, felt calming and cool. Bugs flew by in leisure instead of desperation with a bountiful water supply for them all to share. An airplane above carried people across the country where lives were being changed. Some were facing heartache when their feet landed again, yet others would experience profound revival from unexpected sources. Today, I could have just heard, but I had more...I Listened.

I knew I had just experienced a revival of my own, and I am thankful for what a Child [of God] can hear.

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