Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Almost Too Busy

I was almost too busy to make it to church tonight. But knowing The Lord had time to answer some prayers for me this week, I figured, I'd better rearrange my priorities tonight. I do miss church occasionally and I don't always beat myself up about it, but I knew I'd miss a special Blessing if I didn't take time out, and just visit with The Lord tonight.

We were the first to arrive to the little country church. The empty parking lot was still welcoming. As we walked across it, I glanced over at the cemetery right next to it. I was reminded that when I sat in church on Sunday morning, HE was trying to show me something about that cemetery. Because I was seated on a different pew, a headstone held my attention, though I wasn't sure why. Every time I turned away, I was drawn right back to it. Later that afternoon, I was told a long-time family friend had passed away. He had never made it to church that day, but it was in The Lord's Will, that my family would have another service together.

Ashamed that I almost found myself too busy, I walked up those concrete steps that seemed a little steeper to me for some reason today. I have had several prayers answered this week already. HE had kept me up what seemed like all night Monday night, just because HE loves me. HE had seen fit to reach down for me once more, and lift burdens that had been in my way.

Once inside those doors, I realized that several of the other church members had made it through rough days. One man stood and admitted he almost didn't come, and I held my breath...because as he spoke, I knew a Blessing was coming. I looked for the tombstone through that frosty glass window but could no longer see it. I had a different view this night than I did on Sunday. I watched this man speak and he looked younger to me this night. I wondered if HE was trying to show me something that I couldn't see right now so I watched him for a while. He stayed young.

Soon, I was captivated as a husband and wife sang a song. It didn't take long before the man found himself standing behind his wife, but the words to the song couldn't leave his body. He looked different, and I thought to myself, The Lord is speaking to him now. I watched the preacher weep from the front pew and then his wife glanced over at him. Her eyes filled also, and one by one, people were grabbing for tissues. When the preacher finally stood, his speech was that of a younger man tonight. His voice was filled with youth, with weakness and need but was filled with certainty.

The preacher asked which one of us had Devotion, and a lump rose to my throat when I realized it him...the man who briefly lost his words during the song. I knew something must have been on his heart. My throat was hurting and throbbing from holding my breath as he stepped up to the front. I couldn't have spoke a word at that moment even if it were my last one...but I watched, and listened. Courage filled the room as we sat in awe watching the grown man speak of the child he had to give back.

When he was finished, a singer from the back asked the man's wife to come back up, and sing a song with her. It was beautiful, it was perfect.

Prayer requests flew across the room, there were so many people being thought of tonight. Many of those are nearing the end of their lives while others are just beginning. We prayed, we cried, and we smiled and we grew. I think The Lord was showing me that no matter your age or your position in the church, we are youthful in many ways. There is plenty of growing room left in us. Not only were my eyes watching tonight, finding what I children were watching, and learning. I am so thankful that The Lord placed us there in that little church. I didn't have an opportunity to grow up in that church physically, but I feel like I've grown so much in the last year Spiritually.

Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing if I had always been too busy...and knowing that the souls of my children would be at stake makes it hard to swallow.

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