Sunday, August 5, 2012

How Does HE Feel Part Two


...I'm never certain when my children ask questions like that, if I've done enough. I was suddenly distracted by conversations all around me. Everyone was laughing and talking to each other as if we had not spent six days in a row seeing one another. They all seemed refreshed.

During the first song, I could hear her voice, loud and clear. I didn't have to turn to know my Sunday School teacher's Mama was back there. I love to hear her sing. The Lord lifted her voice just a little bit louder this morning, just for me. I smiled at the loving thought, knowing I didn't deserve it, but HE wanted me to have that moment anyway. It didn't take long for the first person to speak aloud. We would sing song after song and in between, it looked like popcorn popping. One grateful person after the other, praising Him which drove us deeper and deeper into Worship.

I soon forgot about everyone around me, though I could sense they were still there. With each song, The Lord would highlight a different voice for me to ingest. I heard her next. The lady that sat beside her mother...the mother she probably thought a few weeks ago, she might not sit beside again on that pew. But with her mother beside her today, I heard her voice. Again, I shared a smile with The Lord, because He knew I would find strength in that...and I thanked Him.

My friend that sat in front of us, turned to ask the voice He highlighted for me first, to come sing a song...for her. Tears filled her eyes as she told us why she needed that song, and though I wasn't certain why, I knew I did too. She began to sing, and it became quite clear. Confidence rolled over the pews as she belted about David, giving the battle over to The Lord. I knew when she finished singing that song, that He has, still can, and will do The Amazing. Then Sweet Beulah Land ran over her tongue and found its way into my chest. I know He's left me here to do more than what little I've done. But I too, look forward to meeting Christ...The One who makes me feel like this...

He was giving me so much at once, everywhere I turned, He was there. The older brother of the little one Saved, sat quietly on his pew with his eyes shut. I saw him whispering something and I knew he was praying. A few minutes later, he stood. Being the oldest of four, he had lots of eyes on him, looking at him differently than maybe they are used to. I knew this was good for the kids. He bravely told a story, and turns out, it was good for me instead. Soon after, during Fellowship, I saw him walk over to his Grandfather. He stood as tall as his Paw Paw this day. He wrapped his teenage arms around the Grandfather and with tears streaming, they embraced. That felt good to me, and I was three rows back. That's what The Lord can do, that's what He feels like...

I am amazed all the time what He does for me and how He feels. I'm not even tempted with streets of gold, or gates of pearl. I know it's all there, because The Bible tells me so. But to be able to walk out of the flesh, and remain in Spirit all the have complete awareness of Him at all times, to feel Him for eternity...

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