Friday, August 3, 2012

Nothing Happens

We have been really busy with our Vacation Bible School this week. We've studied about Joseph, about Nicodemus, about David & Goliath, and Gideon's army.
Our version of Goliath but they weren't throwing stones, just water balloons
My kids don't want it to end, but sadly tonight will be our final night. On the way home my kids were telling about a little boy from our church that got Saved last night. They said they knew he was Saved because he left the room to talk to his Mom and Dad, and came back with tears in his eyes. "But Mama, why not us?" they asked. "Yeah, I pray every night and nothing happens," the boy said. I told them that now they must wait for God to tell them what to do next. The Lord knows they want Him, so He will let them know when He feels like the time is right. "But keep praying!" I am so proud and happy for the little one that got Saved, he is about eight years old and such a sweetheart. Tonight will be our Commencement Ceremony so I look forward to good things happening tonight as well!

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