Monday, August 6, 2012

That Little Piece of Paper

I sat down on a different pew. I looked for the family that usually sits there and was told they were still out of town, all but the Dad. He came and sat on our pew and I remembered the morning service, when we all clapped for the teens that drove to Bible School every night last week, knowing the road could have taken them anywhere but to that little country church. Little kids filled the church that morning and all their eyes were on the teens. Just by being there, they were encouraging those little ones. But this man that sat next to us, had been there too. His wife and all of his children were out of town but he drove to Bible School anyway. The road had led him here again this night, and that felt good on my heart.

That's one of the first things I noticed about that church. Daddies that would walk through the doors with two, three and four children in tow...even when Mama was at home sick or at work and couldn't come, and sit down where they belonged. These strong leaders were setting examples for other Dads who may be tempted to drive anywhere else, but to church.

It wasn't but a minute or two, and people started standing to their feet once again. The pianist stood with his Bible in his hand and he read a scripture. He was looking for an answer and when he opened his Bible, it was there, in plain view. I had watched him lean over the piano this morning as someone stood Testifying. Tears were running down his cheeks, and he glanced up at his Maw Maw, the little lady with hair of silver and bright blue eyes. She had spoke out loud how glad she was to be there after ailing for so long, and asked us to pray for her. Her voice sounded as strong as I've ever heard. Next, the man on my pew stood. I had first noted him as alone, without his family...but I was wrong. The Lord was right there with him. His passion for Christ swept through the church and I could hear his own Daddy, the son of the blue-eyed lady, shouting praises. Then the preacher stood.

I picked up my Bible and little piece of paper fell out. My heart dropped and I quickly shoved it back inside, trying to distract my mind, so I wouldn't look down at it again. It's a tiny piece of paper my Sunday School teacher gave us all last week along with a pen. He asked us to write down a name(s) of someone we thought might be lost, or not Saved. At first thought, I knew I needed a bigger sheet of paper. That tiny piece couldn't possibly hold as many names as I knew belonged on it. But then he said, pray about the names. Ask for a vision, of them going to Hell and you might be persuaded to do more for them.

I wrote the names of two family members down and folded it quickly and stuffed it in my Bible. I've not prayed for that vision yet, because I know He will give it to me. It was several months ago, I didn't ask for that glimpse, but was given it anyway. I couldn't bare to think of seeing that again. But there was that little piece of paper jumping right out in front of me.

The preacher began discussing some verses in Matthew about a herd of sheep. It said if there are 100 sheep on 99 stay, but one goes astray...leave the 99 to go after the one. He went on to say that even though we had one child get Saved in Bible School, there's always one more. The Pastor stood in the end and he said he got something unusual out of the message. He thought about that little piece of paper. My chest rose high and fell with a deep crash as I tried to catch my breath. He spoke of those names he had written on that little piece of paper and his voice cracked at the thought of him doing nothing.

I woke this morning in the darkest of darks. I got out of bed and walked to the living room where I sat in the recliner. It was black outside but the sun would be up in minutes. I closed my eyes to try and wait for the light but I kept seeing people. Strangers, filled my head as they walked around casually, doing common daily activities. I was drawn to this one girl. She was skinny and probably a teenager but she never turned to see me. I was always behind her, waiting for her to look. I knew that if I couldn't get her to turn around, she would never see. There were just so many people everywhere but I followed the one girl. I walked behind her for a long time before a bright light forced my eyes open. It was the sun.

I knew that He was trying to show me, that everyday, in the common walk, there are people...the unSaved. There are people I may have to walk near that never even know I'm there. There are people that surround me, and if I don't shine enough for them to turn their heads, they will never see me, or even worse, never see Him. The sun rose and light was so piercing, my eyes had to open. That's what He wanted me to see.

When one is Saved, there is always one more. I can do much more than what I'm doing. He knows that, and I'm' glad he cares enough about me, my family, my friends, and the lost strangers, to show me there is a light.

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