Monday, August 27, 2012

The Little Things

She prefaced her story with a disclaimer. But even as she spoke words that told me she wasn't sure the story could be completed without tears, I watched confidence pour out of her voice as The Lord knew I was going to hear every last word.

Her eyes lifted as she spoke and made it through the difficult parts, and I knew from where her strength was coming. I could envision everything she was saying, and I found it hard to breathe at times. Chill bumps ran down my left arm only, and my heart beat rapidly as I hung on her every word. Tears filled my eyes and I could no longer blink them away as she was Praising The Lord for the mountain's peak, she'd recently reached. Physically we were at a place called work...but my heart was having church.

She glorified the Spiritual experience and it sounded so wonderful. I thought of what our preacher said the other day, "Tell me one more time how good HE is. It never gets old," and today I am thankful for all the little things, He continues to give...even outside those church doors.

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