Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Shawl

I've been thinking of the tree, the tree of bare branches. I noticed it was gone a couple of weeks ago and now every time I pass that house, I look at the broken stump. I have peace knowing that it wasn't chopped down, but taken by nature. The uneven, jagged stump shows me that it fell down when just the right wind came and swept by.

I looked at that stump on the way to church Sunday. I wondered when I leave this world, will the stump of life I leave behind, be enough evidence that I was even here, or would I leave clean cut, no visible stump at all. Would the aged rings within the trunk's stump show character, growth, or would it be blackened with rot and decay. I knew the answer to that, which made me smile. I thanked Him for that. A few years ago, the answer may have been different. The closer we got to church, the more I started to notice things. I knew He was planning on paying us a visit that morning.

I walked in, and there she was. The little lady with blue eyes that sits behind us. As we had Altar prayer, I sat on my pew, and I thanked Him for her. Just having her in that room, brings a sense of unity that is amazing to be a part of as her sons, daughters, their children and their's, all sit under one roof. As I prayed, I thanked Him for that. When I finished, I heard a voice. It was one of her children. His voice grew in strength with each word that left his body. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. It felt as if it began to slip low down and fall towards the floor. I leaned down and bowed again. I listened to him, and I wondered how the blue eyed lady felt, hearing her child grab hold of The Lord and hang on tight.

We did divide for Sunday School, even though that was unclear at first as The Spirit moved, where our teacher spoke through tears. I wiped my eyes and thanked Him again under my breath for giving me what is REAL. We soon met back in the Sanctuary to complete what HE had already started. It wasn't long before we were led to Fellowship during one of the songs. I watched as people began to move around the room. I felt a hand on the small of my back. It was gentle and I fully expected to see a child standing on the other end of the touch but when I turned, it was her, the blue eyed lady. I wrapped my arms around her carefully and she did the same. She told me she loved me, and I believed her. The Lord knew what he was doing when He placed me on that pew, in front of her. A tear dropped from my eye and a shawl of chill bumps filled my arms. I am extremely Blessed, always. I don't know what HE sees in me, to be so giving day after day.

I am forever grateful for The One. Some call Him Savior, The Redeemer of all men, I call Him Jesus, for He's my dearest friend...

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